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Our Mission


As a congregation of Christian Churches/Disciples of Christ, we try to model our structure and worship on the practices of the earliest followers of Jesus. We share Holy Communion every Sunday, and Communion is open to all who believe Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. We follow no creed but Christ. Our worship is coordinated between our professional clergy and lay members of all genders, orientations, colors, races and ethnic groups. Our worship Is come-as-you-are: jeans and t-shirts, shorts and sandals, all are welcome.


Before services begin, we always try to meet outside the Sanctuary for greets and treats. Laughter and friendly talk are required. We work together, play together, squabble together and makeup together; we are family.


Love of God and love of neighbor are the animating principals at Central Christian Church. Our service to neighbors include active participation in Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International, blood drives, shoe drives, Impact Community Action Partnership, scouting, missionary work in Thailand, and many more.

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