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"My Own Little World"

I know it sounds a little strange to be talking about candy canes in June. But I think the story has some relevance to the problems we are facing today. He is the story: Long ago, a candy makes wanted to make a piece of candy that would remind his customers to celebrate Jesus at Christmas. He created the candy cane as his special gift to the Lord.

The candy maker began with white candy that stood for the purity of the Lord. He shaped it like a "J" for Jesus. When he turned it upside down he saw it became the staff of his Good Shepherd.

The red stripes would remind everyone of the cost of their salvation that came through Jesus' blood. He added the peppermint flavor to symbolize the spices that were gifts from the Wise Men.

Today a simple candy cane still reminds us to celebrate the sweetest gift of Christmas-Jesus.

Right now we need this reminder every day. We are surrounded in a world of rapid moving viruses, brutality, hatred, and unrest. We need something constant in our lives to keep us moving forward. Jesus is that constant in our lives, He is our never changing candy cane. He is pure as driven snow, he is the Good Shepherd that is always looking for His lost sheep. and He is the spice in our lives that keeps us active and moving forward.

Thanks Pastor MIke

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