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My Own Little World

I hope you had some fun with the trivia questions. I will try it again sometime. Please comment if you happen to be here.

Answers to questions and reference scripture.

1) Shepherd - 1st Samuel 16:19

2) Samuel - 1st Samuel 16: 1-13

3) Harpist - 1st Samuel 16:19-23

4) Goliath - 1st Samuel 18: 4-54

5) King Saul - 1st Samuel 18:1-11

6) He offered his military services to the Philistines - 1st Samuel 27:1-12

7) 33 - 1st Chronicles 3:4

8) Jebusites - 2nd Samuel 5:6-7

9) Bathsheba - 2nd Samuel 11:2-5

10) Uria to be killed - 2nd Samuel 11:6-17

Pastor Mike

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