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My Own Little World

Lets try something fun today! Bible quiz

1) David, the most famous of all the kings of Israel, lived around 1000 B.C. What occupation was he engaged in as a boy?




Errand boy

2) Which prophet secretly anointed as king?





3) Shortly after the anointing, David was hired to work for King Saul. What was his job?





4) What giant Philistine warrior did David kill with only a sling and a rock.?





5) Who made several attempts on David's life because of jealousy?

His older brother

King Saul

King Saul's son, Jonathan


6) David was forced into exile by the attempts on his life. Which of these did David do while in exile?

He killed 1000 Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey.

He destroyed the Philistine temple.

He offered his military services to the Philistines.

He and his band of outlaws raided Saul's palace.

7) Finally, King Saul died, and David was elected king of Judah. After a bloody civil war, David emerged as king of all Israel. How long did David's reign over all of Israel last?

7 years

12 years

20 years

33 years

8) One of David's early exploits as king was to capture the ancient protion of Jerulalem and make it his capital city, the "city of David" or "Zion" @ho did David capture this territory from?

The Canaanites

The Hebrews

The Jebusites

The Philistines

9) David has many wives, as was customary for a king. One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a very beautiful woman, the wife of Uriah, taking a bath. Davig sent for her and she slept with him and became pregnant. What was her name?





10) What did David do to try to cover up his adultery/

He kept the woman locked in his harem with no visitors.

He accused the woman of treason and hid her executed.

He arranged for Uriah to be killed in battle.

He paid Uriah 100 shekels to divorce her quietly.

Answers next week!

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I hope you had some fun with the trivia questions. I will try it again sometime. Please comment if you happen to be here. Answers to questions and reference scripture. 1) Shepherd - 1st Samuel 16:1

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